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We have access to the whole of the market and can help find you the right mortgage for any personal or commercial needs.

The right mortgage for YOU

There are loads of mortgage deals out there, but it can be hard to navigate all of the terms and conditions to find one that’s right for your circumstances. With over 25 years of experience, we can easily identify and tailor the right mortgage for you.

How to get started

Give us a call

We’ll discuss your situation and what you want to achieve

The paperwork

We’ll tell you what to send us and we’ll do the rest

Fact finding

We’ll do the research to find you the best deals to get you what you need


We’ll tell you what we’ve found and advise you on the best step forward


We’ll liaise with the lenders to seal the deal

What our clients say

Laura has been exceedingly helpful throughout, explaining everything in detail and in a way I could understand, answering all of my many questions and being very proactive and timely in her replies, especially when we were working to very tight deadlines.

Dr. Shotton

Why trust Citygate?

We work for you, not the lenders. Everything we do is to get the right deal for you, without filling you with false hope or spinning you a line.

For lots of people, buying a house is a difficult process and that needs to change. I’m passionate about helping you understand what you need to know so you feel informed, and not stressed. Sometimes, however, there are bumps in the road but knowing you have someone on your side to smooth over those bumps is priceless.

Talk to the experts

Talk to the Experts

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